Let’s Be Friends

JasonHi, I’m Jason, most people now probably know me as some asshole they probably saw on YouTube talking in a video. I’m originally from Barbados, however i’ve been living in the United States for a while now but you can still tell that I’m a Barbadian from my accent when i speak in my videos once i get mad. Truly i would really like to say I am the complete package, a New Yorker, a blogger, tech geek, photography, making videos and cooking great food, most likely not necessary in the order but you get it.

I enjoy going out to Crop Over, Foreday Morning Carnival, Labor Day and vlogging. Just having fun with friends, family, sharing some knowledge with you guys on YouTube while getting to know you my audience better and giving you the best i can.

Crop Over

Most people who truly know me would tell you Oh jason’s a pretty nice guy but my Ex’s would say, “he aint shit” but that’s cool with me i ain’t tripping.

please know if you have read this page please let me know by commenting on my Youtube “Let’s Be Friends” and show me some love .