Think About It Strawberries & Honey | Happy Valentines Day

its late but its out here so please enjoy

Huge Breasted Senior On Vaction Needs Female Sex Company – w4mw – 66

I am vacationing soon in Jamaica with my sister (she’s not included in this by the way). I’ve been widowed for several years, I’m 66 years old and VERY HORNY!!!! I am bisexual so I am looking for some adult fun time with a woman from the island. I adore large breasts like my own and would love to press mine against yours….if you aren’t large breasted it is not deal breaker at all. Must love to be with a large breasted white woman whom is greatly experienced in sex….

After We Go To The Gym | She Gets Me Mad

So me an my girl go to the gym sometimes an when we’re coming back from the gym she loves to go shopping or just walk around the city looking at stuff n shit. Now i know its not her fault but she knows that my penis gets hard an stays hard for a long time when she’s around me playing with me because i don’t know what it is about this woman but i’m attracted to her like a white on rice. Now we are looking around this store an she stops between two clothing wracks an theres no space then she stop right in front of me an rubs her ass on my cock an starts to grind on it like she was a stripper an im telling you my cock got so hard an i’m in my sweats because of the gym n shit   but i thank you God for that elastic in my boxer an my gym sweats that saved my life.

Give Her A French Kisses On A Train TO Brooklyn

So me an my girl when out this morning an we were on our way back home an i mean we have been just out in a minute a so this morning we had some time before i have to go to work so we went downtown brooklyn to chill an talk an on our way back home this is what she texted me an this was my response to her message, but thats how i honestly feel about her ….


I slept with your mom’s, hear me out tho….

I’ve been thinking about some evil ass shit lately so just hear me out….  Your moms

i would love to have sex with  a woman preferably in her late 30s early 40s with a teenage son  thats the big shot a mound his friends an walk out of his moms room in my boxers in the middle of the night an see him sitting there talking to one of his home boys  chilling playing xbox an just say” dam boy, yo moms got some good Pussy”, then walk back in the while drinking some juice or milk out of the fridge straight from the bottle / can like nothing happened… that shit is evil as fuck yes i know im going to burn but dam yo that is some funny shit

Have A Nice Day, I’m Good ….

is as much shit as i go threw i’m defiantly not the one to be promoting happiness an all that bullshit, shit sometimes i be having some horrible f**king days, to the point where i stay to myself an be like f**k man, why am i going threw this shit  right now. So when i say i’m good please understand i’m good, Shit, some of you guys be going threw some shit like i’m suppose to come pat you on the back an tell you some positive shit like life is going to get better, just hold on one more day muthafuka, that’s life everything in this life is just for a moment in time so like my elders say to me ” this too shall pass ” Jason … XOXOX i love my family sometimes …

Carla Starr, With Supahead Powers Is Back Again Giving Meanest Brain On Facebook!

Mother From Florida, Carla Starr, With Supahead Powers Is Back Again Giving Meanest Brain On Facebook! (*Warning* Must Be 18yrs Or Older To View

Beautiful head

Relationship Problems | She Doesn’t Cook For Her Man

A few reasons why i don’t want a woman who can’t cook a plate of food for her man.

“Pepper Sauce” The Best Pepper Sauce Barbadian

So i recently came back from Barbados an i bought a couple of these ‘Amanda’s Pepper Sauce” while i was on vacation from Jordan’s Supermarket  in baxter road so if you are looking to maybe add some spice to you taste buds please don’t be shy i have 4 left in stock  so if your looking to buy  please links to purchase them are down below.


Barbados Crop Over Festival 2014 | Caribbean Women Are Beautiful | @MrKaramell

Barbados Crop Over Festival 2014

This video was taken here in Barbados at the Crop Over Festival. All i can say is thank you to every single female that made this video possible. You beautiful women came out looking amazing and showed the world how Barbados throws a party. So if you were there i want to thank you for showing love, again thank you. The name of the song that’s playing is by  Lead Pipe & Saddis – “Ah Feeling”

Weekend Photoshoot Image Review | Canon T3i 50mm Canon 24-105mm

So i was able to shoot this weekend with a Photographer by the name of Adrian here in Barbados with a group of very nice kids. So heres what i thought of the photos i was able to capture with my Canon 50mm lens and Canon’s 24-105 lens with my Canon T3i.


Cameras used
Canon T3i
Canon 50mm lens
Canon 24-105



A Beautiful Morning In Barbados| The Heavens Are Smiling


A beautiful Sunday morning waking up here in White Hill, St Andrew, Barbados ..


Barbados Crop Over Photos

So on my trip here in Barbados, the world famous Crop Over Carnival occurred which draws people form every corner of the world, for such a huge festival. so look im not going to make you read much so check out the beautiful women ….

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