Reggae Thursday’s

To capture the feeling of being back home in Barbados, I would take a walk down Flatbush Ave / Church Ave, Brooklyn, New York after work in the summer time just to see all the beautiful Caribbean women listening to their accent as they walk pass me in their Leggings & Pum Pum Shorts talking loud as fuck lmao.

Reggae Weekends

Nothing really seems to compares to being back in Barbados, listen to some Bennie Man, Sizzle, Junior kelly, Vibz Kartel, Mavado, Popcaan or MrVegas as the sun is setting around 5:30, 6pm, enjoying the beauty of the neighborhood women practice dancing on de corner with there female friends; their bodies twist an tweaking like a pro, flexing with nothing really on just before they get ready to the club.

So weather you just have a passion for our culture, heritage, music, fashion, style or women. I hope you can enjoy Reggae Thursday’s as the bodies of our caribbean women move an grove to the sounds of the most popular riddims & beats of the caribbean .

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