Items For sale

Summer LookComing Soon:

Even tho we have been gone for a minute  we still got love for our fans & viewers. So thats why were planning on opening “The Shop” in the fall, if things goes as planned. Now if your looking to get some stuff thats on the website link me if you can’t purchase it on here sorry but some links are dead


Amanda’s Bajan Pepper Sauce 

If i can recommend anything to you, I can only recommend you buy a bottle of this while you’re here on this island but if you are not, please trust me this is for literally everything “MUST TRY” this…..

Barbados Rum

Our rums are made from the sweetest sugar cane grown from all over de island. Which is probably the best rum in the caribbean an that is my opinion . if you would like to purchase a bottle or two the link is down blow….

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