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i am actively looking to do some amazing things during these months we have in the caribbean right now , right now i am in search some new talent  of  are in search of “The New ” new female models, new dancers, new vixens, actresses, new everything. We strive on bring new talent to the spotlight, to the eyes of our viewers, whether its threw music videos, dance videos, commercials, promotions and etc. This year we would like to expand our name and yours, These are positions where you can make money and build a strong resume of work to back you up as your career aspire to new heights in this entertainment industry. So, if you are interested in hearing more, you should come out an visit one of our “Kickbacks Events” during this summer.

Casting Call Women

Summer Casting Positions :

Singers | Talk Radio

This is a simple casting call for females and males who are comfortable about talking about past and present sexual inmate relationships and sexully open to conversations about sex/

exually and feel free to talk about looking to become apart of our small crew “The Caramel Bunnies”, this is a position for women who are not afraid to be in front of the camera, must understand that we do a variety of projects, meaning, a bit of acting “if you can act”, dance videos, photo shoots for our monthly Lookbook , fashion, promotions for musicians, “rappers, r&b artist, reggae artist , companies and even live events our company host. Now becoming a Caramel Bunnies means you will have to travel to and forms different locations at different times (Day/Night), all depends on the project or event we are producing.

Fitness \Yoga 

Getting back in shape can be hard therefore  we are looking for a couple females and guys that can get us in shape  who are also in shape that can help out our growing community.  So if you have no problem with sharing your workout techniques with our viewers by shooting a few workout sessions/ fitness yoga videos for the summer months we would love it. This series we will be shooting consist of 1-5 videos, we only rely on your availability .

Female Dancers/Models 

if you have a passion for modeling  i mean a true passion there’s no reason you shouldn’t be yeah i know we all have facebook and we shoot videos just the same way but how often are you seeing profit from it.  i mean that’s how i found you but if you dont know how to use it for its full potential its worthless can’t seem to get any paying jobs or even get signed to a growing company our Caribbean culture, heritage in music, fashion, style an the moves of  reggae music, riddims and would like to share it now is the time. This is the time where you can show your skills an be apart of something bigger that the bodies of our caribbean women move and groove to the sounds of the most popular riddims & beats of the caribbean .

promotions for up coming musicians

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