Happy Independence Day Barbados 2016

I love you, Barbados. 50 years and growing strong, i was never a fan of being alone at night but you were always great at telling me stories on the corner amongst the company of great friends and people who i would grow to admire. i love the fact that you’ve always kept a roofContinue reading “Happy Independence Day Barbados 2016”

A Beautiful Morning In Barbados| The Heavens Are Smiling

  A beautiful Sunday morning waking up here in White Hill, St Andrew, Barbados ..  

Barbados Crop Over Photos

So on my trip here in Barbados, the world famous Crop Over Carnival occurred which draws people form every corner of the world, for such a huge festival. so look im not going to make you read much so check out the beautiful women ….

Barbados Crop Over Festival | Foreday Morning Bash Kid Dancing 01/08/2014

So did i forget to mention i am in Barbados on vacation an i took it upon myself to go to Foreday Morning Bash just before Crop-Over and this is some of the video that i got it was a wonderful experience, and as you can see i had so much fun …..