r/cheating_stories My girlfriend cheated and I want payback cause I failed my Master Degree

My girlfriend cheated and I want payback.

I have been in a relationship for 6 years with my girlfriend. I was always content and she never complained either. Last year I went abroad for my Masters. She is also doing her Masters and became friends with this other guy. She always told me that he is just a friend and I shouldn’t worry. I came back in the winter break to meet her. She seemed off during our time together. Drank a lot and sexually assaulted me. I confronted her and we fought. As soon as we went back she cuddled with this other guy and told me. She said she was thinking about him everytime she was with me but that she doesn’t have feelings for him and wants to stay with me. I asked her to cut off contact but she didn’t listen. Eventually she said she wanted a break to think about stuff. During the break she pointed out a lot of my insecurities. A few days later she tells me that she has cheated on me with that guy and broke up. Our families were involved and both the families are extremely hurt. I am extremely hurt. I have a trauma response to touch now. And she is just enjoying her life as if I don’t matter. I feel like I want revenge but I can’t think about anything. I am not functioning, my Masters is fucked, my sleep and appetite is down the drain. Also, in the background my Dad is struggling with his life. And she said that’s my problem. I am so frustrated. A few days later the other guy started assaulting her and she reached out to me for support. Her family wasn’t talking to her because of the whole incident. I fixed that for her and as soon as things got better she asked me to stop talking to her. But she still is friends with the other guy. I feel used. And I feel that she doesn’t care at all. How do people change so much?

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